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Terms of Service
Ownership: By submitting content to Grid Magazine, you grant us the nonexclusive right to publish this content on the Grid Magazine website. We may also use submitted content for educational, training, and promotional purposes.

Content published on Grid Magazine is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license [Link to]. You may copy, distribute, and remix material published here for noncommercial (including educational) purposes provided you attribute the creator(s) of the material and distribute any derivative works under the same conditions. 

Grid Magazine collect some personal contact and demographic information in the process of registering user accounts and making submissions. This information is used to verify the identity of users and to better understand our user base. We may share this information with our constituent partners—Kentucky Dataseam and Morehead State University [NOTE: are there others?]—for research and other purposes. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise share contact information with marketers or other third-parties.

Copyright Infringement:
Grid Magazine does not knowingly infringe copyright. For submitted material, it is the responsibility of the submitter to obtain any necessary permissions for copyrighted material that may be part of their submission. If you are a copyright holder and believe that any material published here infringes upon your copyright you may submit a written request for removal of the offending material. [There seems to be pretty standard DMCA-takedown boilerplate with a bunch a specifics about what must be submitted as part of this request, which could be inserted here]

Inappropriate Content:
Grid Magazine is intended for an audience ranging from children to adults. All materials submitted to Grid Magazine should be appropriate for such an audience. Sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise offensive material will not be publshed and will be removed if discovered on the site. Endorsement: Although Grid Magazine reviews submissions for appropriateness and quality, submitted material does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Grid Magazine, Kentucky Dataseam, or Morehead State University. Grid Magazine does not guaranatee the factual accuracy of statements made in user-submitted material. 

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